Sunday, June 26, 2022


India permitted to intercept BlackBerry messages

Indian authorities obtain access to consumer data over BlackBerry's system, but it appears to have dropped demands to be able to intercept business email over BES

Deleted email on gas plant probe recovered

Ontario privacy chief

No “Right to be forgotten online” EU court adviser

Data protection authorities cannot require search engines to remove information from the indexes, according to the advocate general of the European Court of Justice

How open sourced software helped build Prism

When it comes to co-relating nuggets of data culled from a myriad of online, mobile and other sources, open sourced software is a spy agency

Mozilla launches anti-snooping Web site

Mozilla, others calling for action against federal agencies snooping on people on the Internetrn

Web-based video raises need for new TV rules: CRTC

It's time to push the reset button on Canada's television broadcasting rules, says CRTC chair

Public Mobile finds buyers

Toronto-based Thomvest Seed Capital and New York-based private equity firm Cartesian Capital purchase Public Mobile

CRTC cuts the three-year contract

New wireless code released by CRTC puts an end to the three-year wireless contract, introduces caps on fees and roaming charges

U.S. endorsement of spyware akin to Canuck group’s proposal

Anti-IP theft commission's recommendations bears similarities with Canadian business and tech organization's proposal on monitoring software installation

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