After Google-China fracas, cyberwar threat emerges

Cyberthreats face the U.S., but it's not a war -- yet

Ruling suggests limiting employer access to personal e-mail

Can employers read an employee's personal e-mail composed and sent via a corporate computer, and does the employer own that e-mail? What about e-mails to a lawyer, which raises special questions of client-attorney privilege that invoke confidentiality?

Cavoukian fires back at Durham Health report criticism

Ontario Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian takes issue with security vendor Websense

Bill S-4 tightens noose around identity thieves

The bill came into force last Friday, amending the Criminal Code to make early stage identity-related activities like unlawfully possessing and trafficking identity information a crime. Lawyers with Lang Michener and CIPPIC share their thoughts on what

Cell phone cancer warning proposed by Maine

A Maine state legislator wants cell phones in the state to carry labels warning of brain cancer risks due to electromagnetic radiation. And the proposal could come up for debate and vote in early 2010.

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Data privacy in translation: how Canada’s language industry will respond to CPPA

Any company offering translation technologies and services working with people in Canada should take heed of what this law is all about.