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Six steps to minimize layoff impact

In many cases, it doesn't matter how good you are at your job or how hard you work. That pink slip could still land on your desk. Here are seven strategies to help minimize the blow of a layoff

Soft skills are sexy

10 soft skills techies need -- and five ways to get them

CIA goes open source for enterprise search

In-Q-Tel, a company providing the Central Intelligence Agency enterprise search technology, is investing in Lucid Imaginations which develops open source enterprise search technology

IT Hero Awards – BC’s Gitga’at First Nation band together on smart meters

When fully operational this smart grid will help the community save money, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make help the Gitga'at build the greenest First Nation village

5 ways to turn your company into the best IT workplace

Unemployment level may be up but an IT talent war still rages. Here are some tips on how to attract top talent by joining the ranks of the tech industry's Best Places to Work In

Tech firms offering creative financing

Technology giants are announcing funding initiatives to help companies ride the economic storm. Find out who's putting what on the table

Departing eHealth Ontario boss gets hefty separation package

Sarah Kramer, former eHealth Ontario president and CEO, will reportedly receive $317,000 in severance. A technology analyst says it's high time for government agencies to cultivate in-house IT talent

Vancouver becomes role model for open source in government

Open source activists are praising the Open Data, Open Standards and Open Source motion passed by the City of Vancouver last month. City Councillor Andrea Reimer provides an update on what to expect next.

Too much experience could be hurting your IT job search

Research from Pennsylvania-based online career resource Beyond shows that employers looking to fill high-tech positions now seek lesser experienced IT pros. Plus, the 20 most useful career sites.

China’s Great Firewall blocks Twitter, other social sites

Canadian Internet researchers report clamp down on Twitter, Bing, YouTube, Flickr,, MSN, Hotmail and Blogger as China prepares for 20th anniversary of the bloody government crack down on pro-democracy protesters at Tiananmen Square. Here's how you can circumvent the block and view China Tweets

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Executive talent risks in the Government of Canada

The former chief operating officer of Shared Services Canada weighs in on what's wrong with how the government hires for technical talent, and provides concrete steps on how to fix it.


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