Sunday, June 26, 2022


Square launches new contactless payment and chip reader in Canada

Canadian businesses will now have a faster, cheaper, and simpler way of implementing contactless payment systems.

Brightest prospect for blockchain may be private deployments: Juniper

Deployments of private blockchain technologies for permissioned ledgers have more potential than public chains running cryptocurrencies

CIBC leads Canadian banks in online functionality

Forrester’s 2017 Canadian Online Banking Functionality Benchmark each bank offers lessons for others

Inaugural youth tech conference aims to motivate Canada’s top young innovators

It’s been widely reported that the Canadian technology sector is experiencing – and will continue experiencing –a broad skills shortage, but one organization is hoping to change that by inspiring youth.

PayPal and Canada Post partnership launches integrated payment and shipping solution

PayPal and Canada Post have teamed up to create a new integrated payment and shipping solution.

Hardbacon founder says stock brokers are next up for FinTech disruption

Hardbacon is an app that provides convenient equities investing to those who want more than a 'set it and forget it' approach.

Regulatory, privacy concerns threaten Canadian business tech in 2017

Fintech players should be extra-cautious about regulatory worries in 2017, according to one legal expert.

Blockchain: Moving beyond Bitcoin and digital currency

At our recent CIO Summit experts explained how blockchain could drive new innovative services and products

Why innovative fintech requires scalable regulatory support

As the traditional financial services industry continues to be disrupted by new technologies and payment apps, it doesn’t change the fact there are complex architectures and frameworks needed to meet regulatory and compliance requirements

Can banks learn to love FinTech?

Are banks threatened by new financial technology startups, or could they use them to their advantage. The answer is yes.

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