I don’t know if Santa has an IT department. If he does, he must have an awesome CRM with the ultimate of big data – naughty/nice data for everyone.

Either way, I’ll bet he is looking for some good ideas for all his CIO clients. Here’s what’s on my list for Santa’s reference (I know I’m asking a lot!):

1. One browser, one version. I wish Chrome, IE, Firefox, Opera and Safari would be merged into just one browser and just one version. Even if it were as bad as IE6, it would be better than dealing with the all those browser compatibility issues.

2. One smartphone. The iPhone is awesome. And so is the Samsung Galaxy 5. And HTC One, and Nexus 5. And so are iPads, and Samsung Galaxy Tab pros. But I long for the old days when all we had to support was one model of Blackberry through BES.

3. Super-security. A security solution that could prevent even the Sony hackers from getting to my staff’s email. And their movies too.

4. No more passwords. A security device implanted into all staff and stakeholders so we could do away with passwords. And password resets.

5. A cloud solution that actually provides the simplicity, security, and performance that actually lives up to all the hype.

6. A budget that continues to match user requirements and user requirements that continue to match the budget.

7. Patience. The continued patience of my seemingly infinitely patient CEO and clients for the bumps along the way during technology upgrades.

8. Email-zero.  One day, just one day when, at the end of the day my inbox is completely empty; all action items have been acted upon and nobody is waiting for a decision.  And not a creature is stirring, not even a bug.

P.S. Thank you for reading my post. I wish you a joyful holiday, and a peaceful and prosperous new year.  If you have have any Christmas wishes, I’d be grateful if you included them in the comment section below.