This month’s G8/G20 summits could be quite helpful for IT leaders looking to justify their security spending.

The latest estimates have the government spending $1.1 billion on security measures for the three-day conference. This has predictably led to outrage among opposition parties and many Canadians.

But it could present an opportunity for security professionals. Let’s say senior management gets on your case about some new “encryption software” you plan to purchase, just point to the G8/G20 summit.

In fact, take it one step further.

My Computer Dealer News colleague Jeff Jedras (who moonlights as a political blogger) came up with a new unit of measurement called the MGS, or minute of G8/G20 security.

Just 1 MGS is equal to $231,484 in Canadian currency.

So, even if you unwisely spent $2,000,000 on some new security gadgets, you can put a positive spin on things by transferring it to 8.6 MGS.

If you want to do this yourself at home, just divide any purchase you need to make by $231,484.