This week`s resource selections focuses on protecting your information,designing security into your solutions and ensuring a comprehensiveassurance process is “in place”. It also encourages a life longlearning philosophy by providing a summary of some leading edge sourcesof security PD.Have another great week.Dan SwansonSecurity Engineering – The BookIfyou're even thinking of doing any security engineering, you need toread this book. Several Myths About Leadership for ChangeItis widely recognized that successfully implementing Six Sigma requiresleading and managing change effectively. Today's manager lives in theparadoxical world of having to simultaneously control day-to-dayoperations, while encouraging appropriate risk taking. Leading change,especially in successful businesses, is about aligning energy through acompelling vision of the future.The willingness to change is afunction of how attractive the future is, the cost of inaction andconfidence in one's ability to perform in the new world. Experienceshows that leading change is more subtle than “creating a burningplatform” to overcome the fear of change. Nor does change have to be”revolutionary” for it to achieve dramatic results. These and othermyths about change must be dispelled. is a quarterly security and privacyawareness newsletter that you can easily customize and distribute toyour entire organization. (SwA) is the level of confidence that softwareis free from vulnerabilities, either intentionally designed into thesoftware or accidentally inserted at any time during its life cycle,and that the software functions in the intended manner (from CNSS 4009IA Glossary – see Wikipedia for definitions and descriptions) . Security Education Resources for Professional Development Council on Learning is a catalyst for lifelonglearning, promoting and supporting evidence-based decisions aboutlearning throughout all stages of life, from early childhood through tothe senior years.


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