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Ransomware is malicious software used by individuals to encrypt documents on computers or digital devices.  How they work Perpetrators demand a ransom from the owner of a device to access the victim's documents; once in, criminals install ransomware on their mobile...
Let us discuss what problems companies have faced when transferring all work activity to a remote format, which communication channels have caused increased risks of data leaks, and how the business processes have changed in the view of new realities.
As a senior executive or CIO, how can you assure yourself that AI or ML-derived recommendations are reasonable and flow logically from the project work that has been performed? Try these tips.
Canadian healthcare seems to work in silos, with a severe disparity in communication between the different providers that make up the system. Here's how tech can help.
Leaders shouldn’t lose sight of the pre-pandemic concerns and must prepare for the newly evolving world – one which will include far more technology advances, innovation and competition, not less.
There are a number of factors moving us to a data-driven decision-making world. IDC's Mark Schrutt breaks down three of them.
Today, I want to take a more in-depth look at how anywhere operations and AR/VR will disrupt the nonprofit sector. 
Gartner analysts have made five strategic predictions for the future of IAM and fraud detection.
Women entrepreneurs are at the forefront of change. To address these changes and help foster a supportive, engaging environment for women in business, StrikeUp 2021 was created.
Beyond regulated entities, the bodies that regulate and supervise the financial services sector are reviewing existing guidance and regulations to discern the extent to which they apply in the context of this new pervasive technology.