It’s amazing how a simple rebranding can incite renewed excitement about something that has been around for some time. Omega-3 supplements, for example, is a new craze in healthy living with many attracted to a fancy name that’s recently replaced what it’s been long known as: cod fish liver oil. I can understand how a name change can help rejuvenate a concept in a market where many competing vendors are each trying to make their own noise. In the world of business intelligence for example, vendors tout the need for companies to have real-time access to data that can then be used to make timely and game-changing business decisions. The concept hasn’t really changed, but the name certainly has. I’ve begun to hear vendors say that business intelligence doesn’t do the trick anymore because it’s now all about business analytics which is the real thing. And, just recently, the term operational intelligence has begun to surface as being the real real thing that has upstaged business analytics. In a space where there is no shortage of vendors, it’s no surprise that some are having to find ways to reinvigorate a concept that is fast-becoming common-speak. What will it be next?

Admittedly, cod fish liver oil sounds a lot less appetizing than Omega-3, but it isn’t less good for us, is it?