If there’s anything the tech world loves, it’s a good rumourabout something just around the corner. And if you’re to believe the rumblingscoming from fine sources on the Interwebs, Google may be getting ready to dropa seven-inch Nexus Tablet. But what’s making this rumour particularly juicy isthe suspected price point; in fact, a price tag of as low as $149 is beingbandied about.

Android-based tablets definitely have a steep slope to climbto catch up to the iPad, which just launched its third generation (to muchballyhoo). Right now, it looks like many of the Android tablet makers areaiming to compete by coming in at a much leaner price than the iPad’s $500entry point. That’s already worked reasonably well for the Kindle Fire, whichcaptured a fat slice of the pie with its $199 price point.

The big problem is that these value-oriented challengershave reached their lower price by making selected compromises on the hardwareitself. That means opting for a smaller-sized display, or going with alower-performance processor. In fact, the scuttlebutt is that the Nexus Tabletwill hit its supposed lower price point by ditching the previously-rumouredquad-core processor for a more modest model.

If this is true, it’s an interesting strategy. TheNexus-branded smartphones have been best of class (or very close to it) at thetime they were released. If the Nexus Tablet does opt for technology that’s more modestly priced, it does givethe device the potential of getting into even more hands than thebiggest-selling Android tablets available today. But it also potentially sets upbuyers for disappointment when they eventually realize they’re not holding ashowpiece, but rather a super-priced tablet that’s…well, average. If youbelieve the rumours, that is.