SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Hitachi Data Systems Corp.,has announced a series of new capabilities for the Adaptable Modular Storage (AMS) 2000 family including SAS disks for high density trays and an expanded rack capacity to deliver high density tiered storage solutions. HDS also announced new storage consolidation solutions that give customers the flexibility to start small and later expand the number of host ports as their data centre operations grow, as well as new multiprotocol host port options for AMS 2100 and 2300 models.

More Fibre Channel host ports enable customers to consolidate more servers and applications on a single AMS 2000 system to save on operations costs, the company said in a news release. Dense solutions enable customers to put more capacity, nearly a full petabyte, on a floor tile to reduce consumption of expensive floor space in the data center, it also said. The iSCSI and Fibre Channel multiprotocol solutions also enable the consolidation of storage for both of these storage networks onto a single system to protect the storage system investment for customers that are evaluating a switch between network protocols.

The high density 4U trays can hold up to 38 SAS disks. A 47U-high rack can accommodate 10 dense trays and an AMS 2500 controller all in a single rack. SAS and SATA dense trays can be intermixed in the same system, enabling highly dense tiered storage solutions.

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