A couple of months ago we talked about a few cloud servicesavailable for Android devices, while you’re waiting for the launch of Google’scloud storage service. If the talk is to be believed, you may not have to waitmuch longer.

According to the folks at Talk Android, this new service,dubbed Google Drive, is scheduled to launch later this week. (Other sites areclaiming it’ll be next week, but hey…what’s a few days between friends?) Theleaked screenshot indicates that users will get five gigabytes of storage rightout of the gate, and will have the option to upgrade to a higher-capacity planif needed, presumably at a monthly cost.

The tagline on the screenshot also claims “Access files onyour computer from anywhere”, with sidebar text reading “Make changes to a filein one place and it automatically updates everywhere.” Even assuming this isall legit, it’s still a touch unclear whether Google is looking at aDropbox-style model that syncs the files to all machines connected to thatGoogle account, or simply pulls files out of the cloud as needed, ala thealready extant Google Docs.

Google Drive appears to be designed to work on desktops,notebooks and mobile devices like phones and tablets. It’s possible that itmight end up as a mixed style of syncing, with full computers doing a full syncand the mobile devices pulling files down as necessary.

We’ll know all of this soon enough, when the servicelaunches…or doesn’t. Stay tuned.