Agito Networks announced this week it has named Amit Chawla as its chief executive officer.

The Santa Clara, Calif.-based hardware manufacturer’s flagship product is its RoamAnywhere Mobility Router, which is designed to connect wireless users to corporate Wi-Fi networks, cellular carriers or hot spots, depending on what’s available.

Chawla worked for 13 years at Nortel Network Corp., where he was vice-president of portfolio management. He later became executive vice-president of global business units for Veras Netwoks, a Fort Lauderdale, Calif. manufacturer of media gateways, soft switches and compression equipment.

The RoamAnywhere Mobility Router, announced last February, is designed to reduce cellular costs for corporate users. Workers can have their call routed through voice over wireless LAN (VoWLAN), if they have Wi-Fi coverage. Otherwise, the call would go through the cellular network.

If a worker makes a call over the cellular network and then moves to within range of the company’s Wi-Fi network, the call would be handed over without making the caller hang up and then call again.

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