Spirent Communications plc is now offering the HyperMetrics 2/4/8Gb Fibre Channel test module, a unified test system for data center operators, system integrators and network equipment makers. “With data center applications pushing the need for greater and faster storage while increasing connectivity efficiencies, it’s vital to test the performance of new converged FCoE and native Fibre Channel networks and switches,” said Tim Jefferson, general manage of Spirent's converged core solutions group.
The 2/4/8 Gigabit HyperMetrics Fibre Channel test module enables developers and IT managers to understand performance at true data center scale and identifies issues before they impact the live network, the Sunnyvale, Calf., company said in a news release. In conjunction with Spirent's HyperMetrics 10GbE Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) test module, the Fibre Channel solution delivers a layer 2-7 converged data center performance benchmarking test system.
The HyperMetrics Fibre Chanel module can give engineers a complete picture of the end-to-end performance across the Fibre Channel to FCoE boundary; compare FCoE versus native Fibre Channel data center network performance; measure and validate low latency performance required by data storage applications from FCoE to FC and FC to FCoE at various rates up to the throughput limit and validate lossless data transfers under congestion between FCoE per Priority Flow Control (PFC) and Fibre Channel buffer and credit mechanisms. No pricing was given in the announcement.

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