Yogi Schulz

Yogi Schulz
Yogi Schulz has over 40 years of Information Technology experience in various industries. Yogi works extensively in the petroleum industry to select and implement financial, production revenue accounting, land & contracts, and geotechnical systems. He manages projects that arise from changes in business requirements, from the need to leverage technology opportunities and from mergers. His specialties include IT strategy, web strategy, and systems project management.

A brief history (so far) of quantum computing [PART 3]

The following pages represent the final part of our quantum computing series.

Skeptical about data used for AI-derived recommendations?

As a senior executive or CIO, how can you assure yourself that the artificial intelligence or machine learning-derived recommendations are reasonable and flow logically from the project work that has been performed?

A brief history (so far) of quantum computing [PART 2]

This is Part 2 of our series highlighting the development of quantum computing so far.

A brief history (so far) of quantum computing [PART 1]

This slideshow is part 1 in a series that highlights the developments in quantum computing to date.

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10 data analytics trends to follow in 2021

As a CIO or senior IT manager, consider which of these 10 data analytics trends can deliver more value for your organization if you implement it.

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Skeptical about AI-derived recommendations? Here are some tips to get you started

As a senior executive or CIO, how can you assure yourself that artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML)-derived recommendations are reasonable and flow...

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