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Microsoft Office 2010: An intriguing beta

The beta of the next version of Microsoft's office suite features close integration with lightweight online apps, better multimedia support, a subtle interface refresh, and a slew of features designed to make document creation and sharing easier

BlackBerry’s Storm: Awkward and disappointing

Using a mechanical component on Storm's touch screen to differentiate it from the iPhone turns out to be more confusing than helpful

Edging closer to superfast Wi-Fi

The groundbreaking 802.11n Wi-Fi standard draft proposal has received unanimous 100-0 vote. This means we're closer to witnessing wireless networking bandwidth speeds of up to 300 megabits per second, compared to 54 mbps for its predecessor, 802.11g, and 11 mbps for the original 802.11b standard.


The day after Steve Jobs' iPhone demo, my colleague Eric Dahl and I got a chance to play with a prototype and pose some questions to Greg Joswiak, Apple's vice president of worldwide iPod marketing.

Beauty and brawn

If you've followed Microsoft Office through its succession of lacklustre upgrades in recent years, you might be excused for yawning at the prospect of the 2007 version. Well, wake up: The 2007 Office System is by no means just another collection of incremental tweaks to the world's most widely used productivity suite.

New MIMO Wi-Fi to outpace Ethernet

Airgo Networks, whose MIMO antenna technology pioneered a new generation of Wi-Fi gear with dramatically improved range and throughput, Wednesday announced a new product line it says will match data speeds of standard ethernet.

What’s hot in handhelds?

In the notebook PC realm, there have long been two camps on the issue of input devices: Those who prefer the joysticks made famous by IBM Corp.'s ThinkPads, and those who like touchpads. People tend to have strong opinions on the matter. Buying decisions can hinge on whether a product has the customer's favourite input technology. This is one reason why Dell Inc. and IBM Corp. put both devices on some of their notebooks; they don't want to lose any customers because of their input choice.

Sexy Samsung Palm phone

If the perfect PDA-cell phone hybrid is the mobile communications device you've been waiting for, slow down and take a look at Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.'s SPH-i500. Launched (to start) by Sprint PCS, this svelte new clamshell model is easily the most appealing Palm Inc.-based mobile phone I've seen to date--and the device makes few compromises to achieve its slim profile.

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