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Class Wraps

Yes, it

Open Season

Hunting for a low-cost and reliable alternative to traditional software environments? Maybe it's time to give a look to the Open Source movement. It has the enterprise squarely in its sight.

Gurus of Change

Those who follow Scott Adams

Ontario Gets With The Plan

A year ago, if you wanted to start a new business in Ontario, you went to an office of the Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations and filled out some forms. A few weeks later, if luck was with you, you

Scaling the ERP Mountain

Implementing an enterprise resource planning system is the Everest of the IT profession. Too many firms go through hell scaling the ERP heights. If only they had the Sherpa-like benefits of hindsight.

Mission Possible

When a new network server at Canada's embassy in Cuba malfunctioned last year and our man in Havana couldn't solve the problem, the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT) found itself in an interesting, if not entirely unfamiliar, fix.

Something in the Air

Jerry Webster admits he doesn

Ten Ways to Fail at E-commerce

Here's fact one about e-commerce in the year 2000: nobody - nobody - has a reliable prescription...

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Open Season

Gurus of Change

Something in the Air