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Technology gets up-close and personal

Can technologies be intimate? Just how close do we want them to get? Those were among the questions posed at the Intimate Technologies/Dangerous Zones conference held recently at the Banff Centre (

E-learning comes of age

It all started in a CRIB in Alberta in 1969. That

My constitutional monarchy for a zip code

Have you noticed how all the best online deals seem to be for Americans only? Some offers that I really care about are being blocked by the world

Asia has different IT challenges

Everybody wants his or her town or city or island or valley or village to become a

Learning and leadership in coffee country

I have always wanted to visit the place where great coffee comes from, the home of the legendary Juan Valdez

IT isn

Every summer I get to peer into Canada

Toss it up and see if it flies

The launch season is well upon us, with everyone from Microsoft to obscure start-ups trying to convince you that they have the solution to whatever ails you technologically.

Security experts wrestle cybercrime

Move over car theft and bank robbery, cybercrime is hottest new topic for police forces around the world, and with good reason. Your stolen car can be replaced, your bank has insurance, but if somebody steals your on-line identity you might really be in trouble.

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