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Installers ease app distribution pains

If your company uses different platforms and OSes, it can be difficult to standardize on any one installation method.

Streamline app dev with a single tool

In today's ultrafast-paced business world, companies need quick and productive turnaround from their programmers.

Source Insight develops code for less

In today's code development environment, projects often span multiple platforms, languages, and even geographical boundaries. Because of...

Together Control Center 4.2

Streamline app dev with a single tool

Java: then and now

Java, it seems, is everywhere, and that was never truer than in 2000. Not long ago, Sun ...

VisionCompass interacts inside and outside company walls

Heading a modern company is a bit like guiding a nuclear submarine at top speed through enemy...

Databeacon.com powers data discovery

One of the more enjoyable outcomes of the growing trend toward outsourced software services is the chance to observe traditional software companies reinventing mainstay business processes - making them more accessible and far less expen-sive. This is precisely what business intelligence software maker InterNetivity Inc. has achieved with its recent launch of data-beacon.com.

Max 2.0 sleuths meaning from biz data

You know that stored away in your data archives is a treasure trove of information that you...

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