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IT needs to aspire and really make a difference

Do we really need to take baby steps with these powerful and potentially game-changing tools? Shouldn't we change our mindset and aggressively explore what previously impossible things these new technologies allow us to do

Wondering why more CIOs don

A very rudimentary review of empirical data reveals overwhelming evidence of a chronic non-advancement of CIOs to the top spot

IT sweet spots for 2010

If you want to build an evergreen career, I suggest you develop deep skills in leadership, change management and information management.

A deeper look at Business Process Management

Business Process Management is in the headlines of the trade press, and it

Bigger-than-life IT leadership

Why are leadership books so popular? Because leadership

Leadership badly needed to handle data

A good friend who occupies a major position in a prominent global financial services firm is very concerned about the state of leadership in matters involving the management of personal information.

Entering the age of big information

Historians will ultimately come to a consensus on what to call the days between the frenzy that was the dot-com bubble and the period we are now on the cusp of entering. I call this brief blip (1995-2005) the Age of Little Information.

HR is out of sync with IT work

The world of IT work has changed significantly in the past three years. Have the practices of human resource departments kept up? Do the humans in the IT department pay anything more than lip service to the policies and practices of the HR department? Is HR a roadblock on IT

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