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Attention IT: Your interns have something to teach you

Rather than just using interns as cheap (or free) summer help, organizations must treat internships strategically if they want to gain true insight from them

IT’s age problem

Most high-tech employers would likely deny that age discrimination is an issue at their companies. But many IT workers over 50 beg to differ, saying they have experienced age bias or know someone who has

Age bias in IT: The truth behind the rumours

Their salaries might stagnate. They might have few or no opportunities for advancement. They might not be included in training and professional development programs. Why longevity has its downside

When trusted IT pros go bad

One rogue IT employee can do more damage than an army of hackers. Here are three horror stories

How to foster teamwork among techies

As IT departments are downsized, with low-level tech jobs outsourced or replaced by managed services, the remaining staffers must not only work more closely with business units, but also share knowledge

Collaboration, IT-style: How to do it right

What's the best way to nurture that desire for collaboration and creativity in your IT employees? We checked in with several companies that have had success in tapping the power of IT collaboration. Here are their stories

Dark secrets, ugly truths: When ethics and IT collide

IT employees have privileged access to digital information, which gives them both power and responsibility. Many are faced with grey areas of ethical uncertainty.

Needed: a code of ethics for IT security

Many computing groups have developed, or are working to establish, ethics codes for IT. Some are currently working together to draw up a code of ethics for IT security professionals

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