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Risky business

New models that help firms assess security risks are starting to gain traction.

Skills that make a storage administrator’s resume stand out

Experts and hiring managers list four skills and areas of experience that make a storage administrator's resume attractive.

Supercomputing turns toward productivity

To IT managers, high-stakes supercomputing may seem like the land-speed record: a freak show, amusing but hardly relevant. Oh, a car broke Mach 1? And a defense lab has a 280 TFLOPS computer? Cool. Now let

Stretch your talent

A "stretch assignment" is one that requires a worker to take a leap beyond his comfort zone and, in the process, pick up new skills. Long used in business as a career development tool, stretch assignments are gaining popularity among corporate IT managers.

B2B survivors

Pop-culture experts say the nostalgia cycle is growing shorter and shorter

100 best places to work in IT

If you work in IT these days, you don't need anyone to tell you that times are tough. You might have watched as colleagues packed their cubicles and headed to the unemployment office. You probably haven't gotten a promotion or a decent raise in a while. And morale in your department has likely shrunk right along with the IT budget.

The consultants’ offerings

With IT budgets tight, CIOs are being asked to tally up ROI figures for every sizable project these days. Not surprisingly, consulting firms ranging from Gartner Inc. to two-man start-ups -- often founded by Gartner alumni -- have stepped in with a full complement of ROI metrics, methodologies, guidelines and benchmarking services to cash in on the opportunity. We've sifted through some of the offerings.

Fast answers mean good business

How quickly does your company respond to customer e-mail?

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