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It’s time to choke botnets

Catching the botnet masters has proved to be close to impossible, says an IT journalist. The only solution, he argues, is for ISPs to block users who don't have minimum security on their PCsrn

Faster 3.1 takes a big step forward

Much of the improvements in this new version of the free open source alternative to Microsoft Office are hidden under the hood

Windows 7 on a netbook

Microsoft said that any version of Windows 7 will run on a netbook. Writer Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols tried Windows 7 Ultimate on a Dell Mini 9 and reports on how the new OS performed

10 great OS stinkers

Enough of the good old days! Let's talk about the bad old days of operating systems instead

Google Android – coming to a netbook near you

Android has two product policies in its code: phones and MIDs (mobile Internet devices). You probably know MIDs by their more popular name: netbooks

VirtualBox tests Windows 7’s virtual environment performance

Sun's VirtualBox software tool does double duty of hosting other operating systems while testing how Windows 7 performs in a virtual environment

What outsourcers can learn from open-source communities

A closer look at the open source community can reveal some indispensable lessons for enterprise organizations using outsourcing for their programming needs

What’s Red Hat doing in the virtualization business?

Red Hat bought Qumranet to build its presence in the virtualization arena after appearing to make virtualization a secondary concern, analysts said

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