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Alleged spammer gives marketers opt-out message

The man once labelled the nation's most reviled marketer has given attendees at his business seminars the opposite advice to the practice recommended by legislators of the Spam Act.

National address database pinpoints properties

The 2006 Australian national census will be among the many beneficiaries of a new government database that helps translate addresses into geocoded locations.

Western Australia pilots networked neighbourhoods

The Western Australian (WA) state government is examining a Web application among 500 households that aims to

Government agency learns a lesson in open source, an IT government agency for education, has turned to open source software to develop Web services for its flagship portal.

NSW Police in $240 million IT infrastructure upgrade

New South Wales Police expects a decision next month on its landmark A$400 million (US$240 million) proposal to Treasury for an eight- to 10-year upgrade of its IT infrastructure.

Australian Tax Office says not yet for .Net

Despite developing most of a new digital certificate model for Australian business on .Net software, Australian Tax Office (ATO) chief technology officer Peter Wilson said the platform "doesn't give us anything we (the ATO) couldn't do before".

Online services fall off the record

As online government services increase, public sector IT managers face a new era of electronic record management system implementation. Recording information published on and removed from Web sites, and integrating e-mail into record systems are two major problems in a cultural shift in records management according to field experts who spoke to Computerworld.

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