Stephanie Campbell

Stephanie has a varied background in public relations, government relations and business writing, but much prefers working one-on-one with inspirational entrepreneurs and eccentric creative types. She is currently the Managing Editor at Watershed Magazine, an upscale lifestyle publication in eastern Ontario, and manages Bickle Hill Public Relations, her own PR company that works with local SMEs.

Articles by Stephanie Campbell

Women entrepreneurs adapt to new technology, mental wealth and community to build and grow business

Women entrepreneurs are at the forefront of change. To address these changes and help foster a supportive, engaging environment for women in business, StrikeUp 2021 was created.

StrikeUp’s 2021 Digital Conference for Women Entrepreneurs: An opportunity to learn and inspire

Discover more inspirational stories at StrikeUp 2021’s free Digital Conference for Women Entrepreneurs on March 4 - Learn more here and register today!

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