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McAfee Office: Updates Create Solid Contender

Seven tips to ward off virus infections

1. Install an antivirus utility and update it often. During setup, at a minimum, you should enable full-time automatic scanning and make sure the utility checks the contents of .zip and other compressed files.2. Antivirus vendors update their virus definitions--the files they use to spot viruses--every week. For maximum safety, you should update that often, too. Some utilities can automatically add definitions as they become available.3. Be cautious about macros. Enable macro security options in your software packages. In such Office 2000 apps as Word and Outlook, for example, select Tools, Macro, Security... and be certain that the security level is set to high or medium.4. Update your Internet software. The majority of todays viruses arrive via e-mail, so make sure your e-mail program is up-to-date. Microsoft Outlook is the focus of most e-mail-based viruses, and Microsoft regularly releases new security patches. Dont ignore your Web browser either. The latest patches close some

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