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Wide-open search

As data volume explodes, open-source search applications make a move toward the enterprise

Techies work harder as benefits go bust

Even though average U.S. IT salaries were up 2.1% for 2012, average bonuses dropped by 1.1%, creating a drag on what would otherwise feel like forward motion for many workers

Five signs your IT career is stuck in a rut

In tough economic times, it's hard to tell whether your industry, your company or your own performance is to blame for your career woes. Here are ways that will help you tell the difference

11 hot IT skills for 2011

As pressure for performance mounts, IT managers are taking the opportunity to mold their departments into profit-making business units. Computerworld's survey uncovered these 11 must-have skills

Career Strategies Part 3 – Be a Top Performer

Changing positions and changing departments can increase your salary

Creating the lean, mean storage machine

No matter how vital stored data might be to the business, storage administrators still have to abide by the mantra "Do more with less." So with growing amounts of data and rising costs for power, companies are turning to new technologies that help consolidate hardware, reduce space and power demands, and lower costs. Here's how a few storage champions are using the latest technologies to get lean and mean.

Getting the most bang for your IT buck in 2007

Speed is competitive advantage" in 2007. Here

Storage – Time for another look at backups

Backups are a no-brainer. Wait until system users go home at the end of the day, shut down the server, run the backup overnight, and come back in the morning to collect the finished product. If the system crashes tomorrow afternoon and data is lost, just restore last night

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