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Australian workplace spying law takes force in October

Landmark legislation to prevent employers from spying on employees will come into force in New South Wales at the beginning of October. New South Wales will become the first Australian state to outlaw unauthorized surveillance of employees using technologies including video cameras, e-mail and tracking devices.

Australian enterprise spending plans surveyed

Tech investment plans at Australia's largest organizations came under the microscope last week with the release of a survey on enterprise spending plans for the next 12 months.

Oracle rollout gives Canon headaches

Canon Inc.'s Australian unit is sending out written apologies to its customers over billing system glitches. Documents obtained by Computerworld reveal customers have been notified of errors in the company's accounts receivable system, with the printer maker asking its clients to "disregard the due date on the attached invoice and note that payment is due (7) days from the receipt of this letter".

Companies struggling with antispam compliance

With the Federal Spam Act officially having taken effect in April, organizations have now had well over a month to adapt to the new laws or risk facing fines up to A$1.1 million (US$740,000).

IT body asks for job protection against offshoring

The Australian Computer Society (ACS) called on the Australian federal government yesterday to protect local ICT jobs against offshoring when it released a policy framework that includes re-skilling displaced workers.

E-mail audits can sound alarm

It doesn't take a corporate collapse to expose a non-compliant, poorly managed e-mail system - a simple audit will do it. However, e-mail...

Spam legislation threatens heavy fines

The Federal Spam Act 2003 officially took effect on April 11 with companies which breach the legislation facing fines of up to A$220,000 per day (US$169,000) or A$1.1 million for repeat offences.

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