Sherif Sheta

Sherif Sheta is a turnaround CIO and transformational IT leader who believes that information technology is achieving greater purpose within the corporate culture, becoming the competitive advantage, not merely an enabler of business objectives. He excels in the design, implementation, and execution of IT strategies that break down organizational silos, foster collaboration, convincingly build consensus, and drive positive change. Eminently relatable, Sherif leads by example, leveraging digital innovation to unleash creativity, generate new product ideas, heighten connectivity with customers, and grow the business.

Articles by Sherif Sheta

A prescription for healthy innovation

How do we go about cultivating a culture of innovation and implementing change initiatives with high degrees of organizational adoption? Part of the answer is educating employees and tapping into the knowledge they already have.

Social media and CRM: It’s not enough to just have an account

While you do not want to boil the ocean or create a runaway initiative, you can't limit innovation to only one function like marketing...

Digital innovation & the changing role of the CIO

Today many CIOs are going through an identity crisis. The crossroads that CIOs find themselves in is driven by the mainstream proliferation and consumerization...

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