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Tax season brings phishing threats

Phishing attacks are often seasonal. It's tax season. Put two and two together and find out how scam artists are posing as the taxman

Private cloud not necessary for enterprises, analyst says

CA Technologies vice-president and IT Process Institute managing director co-author a new book about how enterprises need to develop a strategy to create a private cloud. What they said

IT pros demand national day of recognition

The online petition for a National IT Day has now grown to 2,573 signatures. Here are some IT hero stories that have been entered

Toolkits on the rise, analyst says

Toolkit sales increased in 2010, according to a new report from Trend Micro. Amateurs can now use malware to target enterprises. How IT pros can protect end users

Employee perception determines success of change initiatives

I'm sure everyone can agree, if you do not have followers, you are not a leader. The same is true in any business. A...

IT skills don’t match employer needs: Report

Jobs opening up in ICT increase demand for more ICT graduates, while supply dwindles. A new report by two Canadian technology councils finds a discrepancy between candidate education and what employers are looking for

New Sault Ste Marie hospital gets outfitted by Cisco

The Sault Area Hospital opened this week with a slew of technology capabilities from Cisco Systems. How doctors, nurses and patients will benefit

Enterprise videos must have metadata, analyst says

With increasing amounts of video content in company databases, keywords and tags are vital to make the unstructured data searchable

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