I'm sure everyone can agree, if you do not have followers, you are not a leader. The same is true in any business. A leaders efforts to induce change within an organization fail when employees are not open to the change and do not believe it will be successful, according to a study by the Richard Ivey School of Business.
So the question then is: how do you get your employees to follow you, especially when you need to make a change within your company? Well, it is important to remember that employees respond better to leaders who understand employee challenges.
 Leaders are more likely to dictate and come to decisions without the input of their employees, as said in the report.
The study by the Richard Ivey School of Business focused on government leaders working in the public sector. However, it applies in every enterprise. Employees opinions are important and it is important to take into consideration their input before an employer makes their decision.
 If employees do not support a change among staff, it can lead to low employee morale and negative feelings. These emotions can fuel absenteeism, lower levels of performance and staff turnover.

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