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Wi-Fi security still spotty

In addition to being faster than their predecessors, new Wi-Fi-certified 802.11g wireless products promise better protection from snoops, thanks to Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) encryption technology. But even though the WPA standard was introduced about a year ago, some 802.11g products may not support it.

2003 and beyond

For the past 20 years, PC World has kept readers up-to-date on key innovations in personal computing--at work, at home, and on the road. So what better way to start off our third decade than by previewing the technologies and trends we'll be covering next?

Exego brings PC files to your cell phone

Verizon Wireless Inc. has launched Exego, a service that lets customers access and transfer PC files via select mobile phones.

Symantec offers Web-Based checkups

Symantec Corp. is inviting you to assess your PCs

Norton patches firewall holes

Symantec Corp. has quietly modified its Norton Personal Firewall and Norton Internet Security 2000 products to block...

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