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Is spammer king arrest a pyrrhic victory?

Full marks to the feds for nabbing Robert Alan Soloway, alleged Spam King, but there's still a long, long way to go in the war against spam

Getting stronger

Last October, an obscure government body called the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) issued a security guideline that banks are treating as a mandate. Starting in January 2007, financial institutions must provide consumers of online financial services the same protection enjoyed by customers using a debit card to buy groceries or gas: strong authentication. n

Update on Microsoft’s early November “Live” announcement

On November 1, Microsoft unveiled its software-as-a-service strategy. This hearkens back to Microsoft's original announcement of .Net five years ago, when it was unclear what .Net was but there were intimations that you'd be able to use Office online through a browser.

Web Services: .Net, Web Services and the end of the vendor era

Find out what .Net really means for CIOs, why Web services standards will transform the CIO's job, and how to make Web services a reality in your organization.

Disposing of those computers

The hardest thing to do with a computer isn't buying it or setting it up or using it or fixing it. The hardest thing is throwing it away. Here's how.

Locked out of a C-level security role

What a stark paradox: Just when information security risks are hitting critical levels, some of the profession's best and brightest leaders are being pushed to the sidelines.

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