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Disputes kill key Australian government e-security initiative

One of the Australian Federal Government's key e-security initiatives has been disbanded because of differences between industry and the National Office for the Information Economy (NOIE).

Australian net security agency teams up with CERT

U.S. and Australian Internet security agencies have signed a joint agreement to protect national and global information infrastructures.

Pink slips ignite revenge by system administrators

Revenge on company networks in recent months appears to show a direct correlation between IT staff layoffs and internal security breaches.

Study: IT doesn’t boost bottom line

Technology has been over-valued by companies that are engaging in an IT 'arms race' of spending to outdo each other's capabilities, an Australian researcher says.

Australia prepares mobile phone radiation report

Results of an Australian government Senate inquiry into electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones will be released Friday and will be used to determine emission standards and current regulations.

MasterCard plans digital wallets for Australia

MasterCard International Inc. is introducing digital wallets in Australia next month to stem the escalating problem of "shopping cart abandonment".

Australian banks launch e-signature trials

All of the major Australian banks are testing digital signatures with their business customers over the next three months to meet the changing face of the global e-business world.

Sanford launches Australia’s first online bank

Financial services company Sanford Ltd. has launched Australia's first dedicated online investment bank Online Capital Partners (OCP).

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