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Is it real, or is it LifeFX?

A small company in suburban Boston has achieved a goal that has so far eluded even the ...

NorthPoint and Verizon in heated dispute

Liz Fetter, CEO of NorthPoint Communications Group Inc., has threatened legal action against Verizon Communications Inc. after Verizon terminated a deal Wednesday under which it planned to merge its digital subscriber line (DSL) business into struggling NorthPoint and invest US$800 million in that company.

Honchos Envision Web Impact on Corporate IT

Change. Change now. Change or die.

How Prudential is Moving On-line

Prudential Insurance Company of America Inc. CIO William Friel talked in early April at the company's IT headquarters in Roseland, N.J., with IDG News Service's Sami Lais about the future of e-commerce in general and insurance electronic business in particular.

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