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Enterprise information integration

The lifeblood of the modern enterprise is information. This isn't news. But as organizations collect more and more information from different sources and applications, it's increasingly difficult to deal with that information.

senior technical director, ILM

Among the languages favoured by Web developers and innovators, particularly those in the open-source community, three of the most popular are the alliterative Perl, PHP and Python which is emerging as a powerful alternative to the more traditional choices.

Explainer: Grid storage

We routinely talk about the electrical power grid or the telephone grid, and it's pretty clear what we mean -- a large, decentralized network with massive interconnectivity and coordinated management.


The information security crowd has a serious problem. These folks think that what they

New promise in wireless products

At the Demo 2002 conference in Phoenix, a number of new products were shown that have the potential to radically improve wireless technology as we know it.

Hard swap for a hard drive

Running out of disk space is a bummer, especially on a laptop, where you can

Wireless wave hits PC Expo

Wireless communication is getting simpler, cheaper and better. It's being built into more and more devices. And at least in some places, wireless is becoming available enough that it's likely to change the way we work and play.

Flat screens available at thin prices

With their recent rapid nosedive in price, flat-panel displays are now affordable alternatives to bulky CRT monitors...

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