Ryan Patrick

Ryan Patrick
Seasoned technology reporter, editor and senior content producer.

Sapphire Now 16: SAP hones in on the cloud, mobile and digital transformation

At the Orlando event, City of Toronto's enterprise solutions director notes SAP is moving in the right direction when it comes to enabling digital transformation processes

How should a Smart City be created? Why India is setting a template for others to follow

India's ambitious Smart Cities Mission initiative sees IT as a catalyst to improve processes, reduce costs, and boost the quality of citizen life

SAP sells new ‘customer empathy’ approach, unveils real-time, cloud-based IT updates

At its SapphireNow event, SAP's Bill McDermott announced a new customer assurance pledge, a new Microsoft partnership, and updates to its HANA relational database management platform

Broadband is the “killer app” for modernizing cities large and small: analyst

The widespread availability of high-speed broadband is the “killer app” that will kickstart innovation and growth within North American communities, according to an industry observer

The future of IT: Four points on why digital transformation is a big deal

Digital transformation is more than a buzzword -- CIOs should already be thinking of ways to use emerging mobile, IoT and robotics tech for an competitive edge

Microsoft Canada president Janet Kennedy: Canadian Cloud officially open for business

The company's Canadian Cloud for Business aims to boost wider adoption for Microsoft Azure and Office 365

Frank & Oak CEO on e-commerce in Canada: “Measuring success is about brand recognition”

There really isn't a single template for e-commerce success, according to the thriving Montreal-based lifestyle brand

IBM makes quantum computing available to the masses

The company IBM estimates medium-sized quantum processors of 50-100 qubits to be possible in the next decade

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