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Bridging two wireless access points

Columnist Ron Nutter says connecting two wireless access points can be done, as long as you don't use it to service laptop users at the same time

Building a VPN with Cisco ASA gear

Columnst Ron Nutter helps an administrator test and set up firewalls from a new vendor before being installed in a number of group homes. A split-tunneling configuration may be needed

Connecting 2 buildings to 1 broadband service

Columnist Ron Nutter advises an IT manager on linking two buildings needing Internet service that are close together. First, dump DSL in favor of cable if the number of users warrants, he suggests

Troubleshooting a router’s Monday morning sickness

While it's unusual for a network to go down on a regular schedule, it does help to isolate and diagnose the network fault. Is your IP address pool big enough?

Using multiple user IDs

I recently received this letter from reader Jim Blixt:

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