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Recently I’ve become involved in a number of technology projects around the time they should have been wrapping up. Having to fix something late...

Happy anniversary, XForms

The other day I received an e-mail from a friend who has been expanding his Web development skills with a few independent learning projects. A man of few words, his message read as follows:

XNA is all fun and games

One thing is for sure

Build Web graphics on the fly

It was almost four years ago that I wrote my first column for ComputerWorld Canada, demonstrating how a Java servlet could display dynamic images using a database as its source.

Developers, and proud of it

Imagine for a moment a developer

Tough guys use XHTML

Three Web developers were sitting around arguing over what the most abundant thing on the Internet is.

Div and conquer is all the rage – for good reason

These days, all the cool kids in Web design have abandoned table-based layouts in favour of div-based layouts.

Webshare interface

One of the most common requests I hear is to provide an "easier-than-easy" way to make documents available on the web. Easy is a...

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