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Italy’s cybercrime police hacked by Anonymous

The hacker group claims to have lifted more than 8 Gigabytes of data from Italy's cybercrime division

Facebook Spiderman entangles Italian politicians

Previous allegations published include the claim that lawmakers had written themselves threatening letters in order to obtain a police bodyguard, had made false insurance claims and had accumulated air miles while traveling free on the national carrier, Alitalia

Italy presses ahead with piracy clampdown

The government measure goes on, despite mobilization by opponents who contend it threatens freedom

Three Google execs convicted over Italian bullying video

Three Google executives were handed suspended six month prison sentences by a Milan court on Wednesday for privacy law violations. Google Video's distribution of a video of the bullying of a handicapped boy breached Italian privacy law.

Pope praises tech in YouTube debut

Vatican 2.0. Speaking on the Vatican's official launch of its YouTube channel, Pope Benedict the XVI calls technology a gift to humanity and urged digital communities to promote culture of dialogue and respect

Venice provides free Internet access to newborns

Newborns will receive a user ID and password entitling them to free Internet access on a city-owned network when they get their birth certificate

Sardinia chooses open-source software

Law to push bureaucrats to favour open source over propriety software could be passed by January. It's part of an effort to encourage an information-based society on the Italian island

Second Life island becomes platform for Italian politics

His main political rival controls three national television networks, a newspaper, a weekly magazine and a publishing house, so an Italian minister has decided to try to level the propaganda playing field by buying himself an island in Second Life.

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