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Avaya buys Traverse Networks

Avaya recently acquired Traverse Networks for US$15 million and announced simplified pricing for its various VoIP software platforms

Cisco boosts IOS code with VoIP, security

As customary with Cisco IOS releases, the newest one has an extensive range of features tucked into the code, with enhancements that could help users bolster their Voice over Internet Protocol and security implementations.

Cisco launches video-publishing gear

Cisco wants to bring the YouTube phenomenon to enterprises with the launch this week of its Digital Media System -- a product set designed to let businesses create, manage and publish IP video content.

Virtual routing serves up subnets

Features will find appeal with high-end enterprise networks, analyst says

Nortel digs deep into branch offices

Nortel has launched its first branch office WAN optimization product, entering an emerging but crowded market.

Foundry sees power shift for simpler corporate VoIP

Foundry next month is expected to announce new corporate Ethernet gear for business networks, with a focus on VoIP and Power over Ethernet. The Foundry FastIron SX 800 and 1600 switches are chassis-based products aimed at simplifying VoIP rollouts, with redundant PoE capabilities and some automatic configuration features for IP phones.

The hard sell of the IP softphone

Corporate users are talking on IP softphone clients everywhere

Blade server switch market in flux

While some network vendors are jumping out of the blade server market, others are expanding their reach into blade systems with new partnerships.

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