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Legacy Modernization in Government

A previous era saw the shift to legacy mainframe systems designed, developed, installed and maintained by a then new generation trained or self-educated in...

Putting the Cart before the Horse

Cisco has come forward with a new vision for the data center. This may really be what I have maintained for the last 15+...

Software as a Service: My Own Story

I have a great example of using Software as a Service (SAAS) from my own day-to-day experience.

Think virtualization’s bullet-proof? Think again

Many vendors are pushing this approach to deploying flexible technology, yet it still has not emerged beyond the glass house of the data centres or server closets. Paul Rummell thinks he knows why

Feeling the Heat

Predictions are that the IT security situation in Canada will worsen ‘Canadian companies are over-confident and lax when it comes to their IT security.

Trying to Throw the Brick through the Cloud

There has been much press and discussion about the potential merger between Microsoft and Yahoo (the brick) in an attempt to become a formidable...

Does Virtualization Equal

Virtualization has been available to the IT world for more than four decades, yet it has still not really taken off in the multi...

Some sober second thoughts on 2008 IT predictions

The New Year always starts with a bang of predictions on what’s hot and what’s not. Most of these predictions are just more...

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