Thursday, August 18, 2022

patricia macinnis


Province of Ontario’s social media policy evolves

Four years after it banned the use of Facebook, YouTube and similar tools by employees, the government is figuring out how to strike an appropriate balance between flexibility and risk management

Empowered IT executive leading social media change

CIOs should support social media efforts, not act as gatekeepers to a world they don

Speak and be heard: A guide for CIOs

Chief Information Officers are under increased pressure to share their ideas in front of conference crowds, on camera or to their board of directors. Here's how to look good on any stage

How CIOs can measure their speaking ability

Chief information officers may not always be sure if they are communicating their ideas as effectively as possible. Now there's an app for that

How CIOs can get inside the CEO’s head

It's not hard to understand why investing in executive education pays off. Just talk to Jay Woo, who has managed to move from a technology leadership role to an operational function at CAA South Central Ontario

Learn to lead: Still more business courses for IT pros

LAST OF THREE PARTS We wrap up our special series on educational opportunities for CIOs with a look at relevant programs from the University of Western Ontario, Queen's and McGill

Learn to lead: More business courses for IT pros

SECOND OF THREE PARTS The University of Manitoba's Asper School of Business is featured in our ongoing look at educational opportunities for the CIO set. Also: York and Ryerson

Learn to lead: Canadian business courses for IT pros

FIRST OF THREE PARTS We look at the schools with programs that can help busy technology executives become more valuable to the organizations who employ them. First up: Rotman, UBC and U of A

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