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Extreme Networks CEO: New products in 2012

In a year-end interview the head of the network equipment manufacturer talks about his strategy and major challenges in the future

OpenFlow demystified: A vendor’s primer

An increasing number of network equipment vendors, including Juniper and IBM, are making gear OpenFlow-enabled. Here's why

Rethinking the Enterprise Service Bus

The ESB has been seen as a corporate integration and messaging backbone upon which application architectures are built. However, this concept has to change to meet the needs of today's infrastructures

ITIL having hard time living up to hype

Many IT organizations working to improve IT service delivery and management processes depend on ITIL best practices, but the framework isn't always seen as the panacea adopters expected. New survey results show that 51 per cent of respondents use ITIL, but more (55 per cent) depend upon in-house developed practices to tweak processes.

Mind-reading computers becoming ‘increasingly necessary’

The U.S. National Science Foundation is funding research that may enable computers to respond to a user's levels of frustration or boredom. Tufts University researchers are exploiting near-infrared spectroscopy technology that uses light to pick up on emotional cues by monitoring brain blood flow.

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