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It’s not easy being green

Why we created the Green IT knowledge centre and what you need to know about recycling PCs

Training beings for CIO of Vancouver Olympics 2010

Heading up the IT infrastructure of the Vancouver Olympics in 2010 is sure to be a daunting challenge but is a role that Ward Chapin has accepted - with a little trepidation. "I kind of felt like the dog that chased the car and caught it," Chapin told a crowd of attendees on Tuesday at the Global Connect conference.

Vancouver Olympics 2010’s CIO starts training

As athlete's train for the big event, IT captains of organizations that will be powering the Vancouver Olympics find its crunch time for them as well

Dell delves into new channel strategy

Michael Dell discusses his company's departure from its traditional sales model and why hardware support doesn't have to break your budget. Also: one VAR explains why he'd lie down with the lion

Does this ‘maddog’ look like a Luddite to you?

Jon Hall, the executive director of Linux International, gave a presentation at the recent IT360 conference in downtown Toronto called

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