Friday, August 19, 2022

Narasu Rebbapragada


Gadgets get power from sun and water

A lot of solar chargers work with small devices, but laptops generally have been left in the dark--until now. Plus: What may be the industry's first water-powered, fuel-cell, hydrogen-generating charger

Coming soon: solar panels for notebook PCs

Voltaic Systems has announced a rechargeable battery with solar panels, with a fabric bag made of recyled plastic. Also, the HydroPak hydrogen-generating charger will hit the shelves this year

Product review: Lenovo offers energy efficiency for a price

We tested Lenovo's ThinkPad T61 as part of "Green PCs: A First Step," a story on energy-efficient computing. This powerful laptop is Energy Star 4.0 certified and well-designed for business use, but at US$2,995, it's expensive compared with some other similarly equipped models.

Going green is good business

Reducing energy usage, which also reduces carbon dioxide emissions and your energy bill, is the most effective thing you can do, especially when the average PC wastes about half the energy provided to it

Functional, but not pretty

HumanConcepts' OrgPlus 6 Professional is a well-trained one-trick pony. And it does that one trick -- creating organizational charts -- very well, once you take the time to get familiar with the program.

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