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INTERVIEW: IT Skills Shortage A Chance for Unemployed Workers

Todd Thibodeaux of CompTIA speaks out on job opportunities available in IT, misconceptions about IT careers and why a computer science degree isn

8 Reasons a developer would NEVER want to be a CIO

The hassles of corporate politics, including meetings and death by PowerPoint, are some of the reasons programmers would not want to become chief information officers. Do you aspire to suck up to the CFO?

The power of executive education

William Scales wouldn't be where he is today

How to build an agile IT department

When David Zink became Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island's CIO in July 2002, he found an IT department that couldn't get out of its own way. Like a football team that can drive to the five-yard line but can't score, the IT department could never quite finish its implementations.

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