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3 critical elements of an executive job search

The president of CareerQuest explains the unique role that your r

IT project management: Identifying the problems

Problems with IT projects go unrecognized until it becomes impossible to ignore them. How to identify when a project budget has become wildly overblown or the schedule is careening off track

Workplace conflict: Dealing with difficult people

How to recognize and deal with the four different "drama types"

How to achieve innovation from IT outsourcing

Experts advise technology purchasers not to rush to publish a request for proposals and to spend more time with contractors discussing the processes they will put in place and how they will manage changes. Find out how early you need to involve business managers

8 Ways a Job Interview Can Take a Turn for the Worse

Looking for a new tech job? How to handle inappropriate questions, explain why you got fired from a previous job and stay focused during day-long interview processes

Nine costly legal mistakes in outsourcing

Hiring a lawyer for contract negotiations can be worth the money, but not if you make these lousy legal moves

The ‘Best Determinant’ of project success

New project management research finds the more tenuous the link between a project and strategy, the more challenges the project will encounter. Stop the ad-hoc approach

Job losses slow as online want ads rise

Studies indicate that the job market may be stabilizing. Though organizations have cut more than a million jobs so far this year, researchers report the number of online job ads is on the rise

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