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Big impact for virtualization

Virtualization will be the biggest driver for IT infrastructure and operations spending over the next several years, according to a report from Gartner Inc.

Expert calls for better risk assessment

IT security executives must begin using more progressive risk management techniques if they ever hope to get ahead of data breaches, malicious attacks and emerging compliance regulations

Slow gains being made in cyber security, say Feds

Washington politicians are frequently denounced for moving too slowly to respond to emerging problems, and while the adage has proven true regarding the federal sector's response to cyber security thus far, the U.S. government is making slow progress in addressing the issue, experts maintain.

Top 10 security traps

Many companies spend a small fortune and deploy a small army to secure themselves from the many security threats lurking these days. But all those efforts can come to naught when making any of these common mistakes.

Find IT security experts who will stick around

Speaking at the ongoing CSO Perspectives conference in Atlanta, leading security executives outlined their process for hiring, promoting, and training employees to maintain a desired level of corporate protection

Shift in security risk priorities, says Symantec study

The notion that technologies used to improve IT security serve as the most vital element of corporate risk management currently ranks below other priorities among customers, according to Symantec's annual survey of 405 businesses.

New Mexico Institute offers master’s degree for hackers

In an effort to produce the next generation of chief security officers and IT systems defense experts, an online training company is offering a new master's degree program in security science.

HP, Intel and Cisco chart their IT research goals

At MIT's EmTech Conference this week, some of the industry's biggest vendors discuss how they hope to build better power consumption, parallelism and mobility into future products

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