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Up-and-coming tech jobs

We unearthed a handful of positions you can expect to see popping up more and more -- along with details on what you'll need to land one of them

Tech workers stress over skills gap

Organizations of all stripes have reported deep cuts to their training budgets in recent years, and they have held off on initiatives that would have given workers a way to learn new technologies

Upcoming tech jobs — and how to land one

With big data, mobile computing, social media, cloud computing and the consumerization of IT all converging on IT in 2012, some new -- and intriguing -- job titles are beginning to emerge

7 key skills new IT grads are lacking

Computerworld surveyed IT managers to find out what skills they wish their newest hires had picked up while they were still in college. Read on, and take notes -- there may be a pop quiz after.rnrn

Codelco CIO: How to innovate with change management

Marco Antonio Orellana Silva, CIO and executive manager of information, communication and automation technology at the world's largest copper producer, on how to deal with corporate culture

When the CIO is also the CFO

Some organizations have merged the two jobs into one find that the combined position can offer important benefits, provided it fits the business's circumstances. Learn from these examples

What CFOs want from IT

Now is an excellent time for you, as an IT manager, to hear what Finance has to say. Computerworld asked several CFOs what message they'd most like to get through to their top technologists

IT works out, gets fit

While these exercise programs benefit all workers, program leaders and IT executives say getting the company's tech staff on board presents some challenges as well as opportunitiesrn

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